Michigan Buick Dealers: Less Like Dealerships More Like Exclusive Hangouts

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There are dealerships that are not only going above and beyond with their service, but are also renovating their dealerships to be so high-end some Michigan Buick dealers are looking less like dealerships with much more exclusivity.

DETROIT, M.I. – Michigan Buick dealers have been known for their high-class vehicles they offer to consumers across the U.S. The Buick brand has reinvented itself to deliver shoppers a well-known name and the prestige that comes with owning a luxury car without the price tag.

However, high-class luxury vehicles need a place to call home that's equal to their perceived value and status. Some automakers such as Ford Motor Corp and General Motors have decided to push some of their brands to improve not only in vehicle design but also where those designs will be seen by the consumer: in the dealership showroom. The difference between the two automakers is Ford is offering no option to its Lincoln dealerships. Either Lincoln dealerships accept the changes and redesign their Lincoln lots, or they will no longer be dealing with Ford as their contracts will be terminated.

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There are some dealerships that have not been asked by their manufacturer to add any dealership upgrades but are doing so on their own. Dealerships such as Golling Buick GMC recently celebrated their grand opening of its remodeled dealership. Some specific changes Golling has renovated for its customers includes doubling its showroom, expanding the guest waiting area and even adding a playroom for children.

"You've got dealers here that are really investing and really believe in the product and what the corporation is doing," said Mark Reuss, president of General Motors. "The facility here and the customer focus of the facility is phenomenal. This is the General Motors, Buick and GMC customer experience that we are after."

Michigan Buick dealers may be adding many of these features to their own lots while working to build buyer loyalty.

As Steve Nickelsen, a dealer consultant in Akron, Ohio, has said to USA Today, "To get loyalty, you've got to give them a good experience. No one wants to sit in a ratty chair."

By building an environment that shoppers are comfortable in, dealerships are able to offer shoppers the chance to shop with confidence.

Some dealerships are looking to not only create a high-class environment but to also increase business. As Milt Taylor, one of the owners of Taylor Chevrolet, his dealership is looking to grow their business up to 30 percent with their renovations, saying:

"It's going to be a 'wow' factor. We are trying to create an atmosphere where people are encouraged to hang out."

It may be that eventually all Michigan Buick dealers will add upgrades to their lots to match their dealerships with their luxury Buick brands. Soon all shoppers may be sitting comfortably in a modern chair while drinking coffee.

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Michigan Buick Dealers: Less Like Dealerships More Like Exclusive Hangouts

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This article was published on 2011/09/21